The Asian Senior Masters Golf - November 2005 Malaysia The Asian Senior Masters Golf - November 2005 Malaysia golf news

08 September 2016
Thailand - 16 to 22 Sept
Vietnam - 22 to 27 Sept
Q School, Pro, Ams & Corporate packages

16 August 2016
AST's Fall & Winter Season 2016 & Spring 2017 schedule

15 August 2016

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The Asian Senior Tour was established in 2003 during the ASM @ Singapore at JCC

The Asian Senior's PGA Tour was established in 2009 during the 5th ASM @ Malaysia

Title Sponsorship of a US$ 100,000 purse ASM tournament - during 2017 to 2020 - SUMMARY

Presenting Sponsorship of a US$ 100,000 purse ASM tournament - during 2017 to 2020 - SUMMARY

Commencing in 2014, the AST's leading senior professional golfer has been invited to take part in the annual US$ 2 million purse Insperity Invitional and represent the AST at the US Champions Tour event, in September 2016 we anticipate a similar invitation being generously extended to our members by the Senior PGA Tour of Japan and in early 2017 we anticipate confirmation of the AST being allocated a 2nd invitation to new event on the Champions Tour

Congratulations Gunasagaran (Malaysia) who made golfing history as the 1st Malaysian professional golfer to ever play in the USA when he represented the Asian Seniors Tour against most of the world's leading senior professional golfers at the US$ 2.1 million purse Insperity Invitational presented by United Healthcare a US Champions Tour golf tournament that was staged at the Woodlands CC in Houston, Texas from Mon 2 to Sun 8 May 2016, where Guna returned a most respectable 3 day 54 hole total score of 222 at 6 over, to come in tied for 48th place.

In previous years the AST was represented by;
2014 - Ahmad Bateman (Brunei) who returned 222 at 6 over par to place tied 48
2015 - Murugiah (Singapore) returned 234 at 18 over par to place tied 72

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The AST conducts Qualifying School in Malaysia 4 times a year, prior to the AST's Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasons and also conducts PRO Qualifier events during all ASM tournaments

Present and past members of any recognised PGA or Tour are NOT required to under go the AST's qualifying school and are automatically entitled to join the AST provided they are at least 50 years old

It will cost a non-AST member between US$ 150 and US$ 250 extra to register and play in an ASM event depending upon the prize money on offer, so it does make sense to join..

The AST's 2016 Season Schedule of events as at 10 September, please scroll down and click on the links for more information on upcoming ASM tournaments in 2016 & Spring 2017 and for past results -

ThaiSingha PGA 2016 - closed to members of Thai Seniors PGA
Tue 13 to Fri 16 September - AST player allocation TBC

AST Qualifying School @ Thailand 2016 - Amateur Entries
Royal Hills Golf Resort & Spa - Fri 16 to Sun 18 September

6th ASM @ Thailand (Nakhon Nayok) 2016 presented by Thai Bauer - Professional Entries
Royal Hills Golf Resort & Spa - Mon 19 to Thu 22 September - min US$ 20,000 purse
Corporate Hospitality & Individual Amateur packages

AST Qualifying School @ Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Vietnam GCC - Thu 22 & Fri 23 September

AST @ Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Invitational 2016 - Vietnam GCC - Sun 25 to Tue 27 September
Invited Professionals & successful AST Q School candidates

1st AST @ South Africa (South Africa Seniors Tour) Fri 29 Sept to Sun 16 Oct 2016

AST Qualifying School @ Borneo (Labuan) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Labuan International GC - Fri 4 to Sun 6 November

AST Qualifying School @ Indonesia (Jakarta) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Modern Land GCC - Tue 8 to Thu 10 November

2nd AST Qualifying School @ Lao (Vientiane) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Long Vien GC - Fri 18 to Sun 20 November

PGM SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 @ Seriemas GC - Tue 22 to Thu 24 Nov
Nilai, Negeri Semilan, Malaysia - AST player allocation TBC

AST Qualifying School Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Glenmarie GCC - Wed 23 to Fri 25 November

4th AST @ Brunei (BSB) 2016 presented by Stapleford Park Forum - Professional Entries
RBA GC - venue TBC - Tue 29 Nov to Thu 1 Dec - min US$ 30,000 purse

1st ASM @ Lao (Vientiane) 2016 - Professional Entries
Long Vien GC - Sat 3 to Tue 6 December - min US$ 25,000 purse

AST Qualifying School @ Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 2016 - Amateur Entries
Vietnam GCC - Mon 12 to We 14 December

AST's tentative full 2017 Season's Schedule

AST Qualifying School @ Malaysia (Johor) 2017 - Amateur Entries
Palm Villa GCC - Wed 5 to Fri 6 Jan

AST Qualifying School @ Indonesia (Jakarta) 2017 - TBC
Modern Land GCC - Wed 5 to Fri 6 Jan

2nd ASM @ Indonesia (Jakarta) 2017 presented by Nomad Aviation - Professional Entries
Modern Land GCC - Mon 9 to Thu 12 January - Min US$ 20,000 purse

1st ASM Indonesia (Makassar) 2017 presented by the Galesong Group - TBC - Professional Entries
Padivalley GC - Sat 14 to Wed 18 Jan - min US$ 30,000 purse

1st ASM @ Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 2017 presented by Integra - Professional Entries
Vietnam GCC - Sun 22 to Tue 24 January - min US$ 20,000 purse

AST Qualifying School @ Malaysia (Johor) 2017
Palm Villa GCC - Fri 14 to Mon 17 April - dates TBC

12th ASM Singapore 2017 presented by Nimoi Capital - TBC - Professional Entries
Singapore Island Country Club - Tue 18 to Thu 20 April - min US$ 15,000 purse

9th ASM @ Indonesia (Batam) 2017 incorporating the AST's Tour Players Championship 2016
AST's 4th US Champions Tour Qualifier 2017

Tering Bay GCC - Sat 22 to Tue 25 April - min US$ 15,000 purse - Professional Entries

10th Insperity Invitational 2017 - Presented by UnitedHealthcare
AST's 2016 TPC Champion will play in the 10th Insperity Invitational 2017 a US Champions Tour event to be staged at The Woodlands CC in Houston Texas from Mon 1 to Sun 7 May
- for more information visit in previous years AST was represented by;
2014 - Ahmad Bateman (Brunei) - returning 6 over at Tied 42 place
2015 - Murugiah (Singapore) - returning 19 over at Tied 72 place
2016 - Gunasagaran (Malaysia) - returning 6 over at Tied 48 place

7th APCT - AST @ Australia (Perth) 2017 - Professional Entries
May - venue & dates TBC - min US$ 40,000 purse

Asian Seniors Tour 2016 Season's - RESULTS

Congratulations - 沈忠賢 Shen Chung Shyan (Taiwan) - Champion of the 2016 Taiwan Senior PGA
who led from start to finish and returned an impressive 3 day score of 209 finishing with -7 under par

Congratulations - Tony Lawrence (England) who returned an impressive -3 under to emerge
Champion at the 1st AST / TSMT @ United Kingdom 2016 - presented by the Stapleford Park Forum

Congratulations - Lu Wen-Teh (Taiwan)
Champion at the 5th Fubon Senior Open - AST @ Taiwan (Taipei) 2016
Chang Gung GC - Wed 15 to Sun 19 June

Congratulations - Murugiah (Singapore) - (left)
Champion at the ASEAN Senior Open @ Indonesia (Batam) 2016 that was staged at Tering Bay GCC from Sat 4 to Mon 6 June 2016.
Congratulations - Morgan Tan (Singapore) - Super Senior Champion - (right)

Congratulations to candidates who passed the AST Qualifying School @ Indonesia (Batam) that was staged at Tering Bay GCC from Wed 1 to Fri 3 June 2016
- Jimmy Lim (Indonesia)
- Wardinam Banitra (Indonesia)
- Irwan Bahar (Indonesia)
- Manuel Suryahimsa (Indonesia)

Congratulations Gunasagaran (Malaysia)
Champion at the 12th ASM @ Malaysia (KL) staged at the Glenmarie GCC from Sat 28 to Tue 31 May, the leader from start to finish, returning a 2 day score of 144 at level par with a comfortable 4 shots ahead of the pack with Scott Puzey (USA), Mike Zilco (Austrlia) and Rene Larson (Denmark) who all tied for 2nd place with 148 at 4 over.

THAI BAUER - Thai Seniors PGA - AST @ (Hua Hin) 2016
Majestic Creek CC - Wed 18 to Fri 20 May
Congratulations to AST member Mike Zilco (Australia) who tied for 3rd place

Congratulations - Steve Herbert (Australia) who returned 132 at -10 under
Champion at the 6th APCT - AST @ Australia (Perth) 2016
Maylands Peninsula GC - Tue 10 & Wed 11 May
Special mention to AST regulars -
Mike Zilco (Australia) and Scott Puzey (USA) - tied 2nd with -7
Ahmad Bateman (Brunei)- 4th with -6

Congratulations - Sandeep Phalnikar (India) receiving his AST members credentials from
Ms. Gina Fyffe - Executive Director @ Integra
AST Qualifying School @ Malaysia (Johor) 2016 @ Palm Villa GCC - Sun 27 to Wed 30 March

Congratulations Guna (Malaysia) - Champion - 3 day score of 208 at - 8 under
AST Tour Players Championship 2015 & US Champions Tour Qualifier 2016
8th ASM Indonesia (Batam) 2016 @ Tering Bay GCC - Fri 1 to Tue 5 April

The AST wish to thank and recognize our regular and loyal sponsors and we look forward to their on going support during our 2016 Season

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AST wish to express their thanks to the Summit Hotel Subang and Pulai Springs Resort the Official Hotels for 2012.

AST also thank the Mines, KLGCC, Glenmarie GCC and Pulai Springs Resort for being the
Official Venues for 2012 ... more news

Glemmarie GCC
Palm Resort GCC


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