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  Kuo  Chie-Hsiung

Kuo Chie-Hsiung


Chinese Taip

Date of Birth

25 May 1940


Taipei, Chinese Taipei

Current Tour

Taiwan PGA

Asian Senior Masters Status


Player Profile

Kuo Chie-Hsiung’s great golfing ability has enabled him to capture many titles during his career. Kuo grows priceless as he gets older. Once recognized not only in his home country. Kuo’s reputation has grown in Japan after winning many titles there. In 1993 Kuo was ranked number 3 in Japan’s senior tour prizemoney ranking.

Mr Kuo played in the 2003 Asian Senior Masters in Singapore. Career Victories
1967 ROC PGA Championship
1972 ROC PGA Championship
1974 Indian Open, ROC Open, Asian Order of Merit & ROC PGA Championship
1975 Philippines Open, Japan Dunlop Open, ROC Open & Korea Open
1977 Kaeshiung Open
1978 Kaeshiung Open & Indonesia Open
1979 Japan Open, Japan Jun Classic & Japan Digest Open
1980 Hong Kong Open, ROC Open & Korea Open
1986 Taiwan Open, Taiwan Order of Merit Winner & Chiang Kei-Shek Centennial Tournament
1987 Tansui Open & Indonesia Open
1988 Mercuries Open
1989 BMW Open & Pead Hieight Open

1991 Kanshiung Open
1992 Japan BWM Seniors Open
1993 Japan Nagoya TV Cup Seniors
1995 Japan Nagoya TV Cup Seniors, The 1st Kuo-Hua Match Play & PGA Senior / Ladys Championship
1999 PGA Senior / Ladys Championship

Kuo played in the inaugural 2003 Asian Seniors Masters in Singapore and finished 6th.

Photos from 2003 ASM Singapore

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