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Steel Wool Wrapped in Cotton By Peter Andraes

01 September 2006

Since the first hard cover edtion of The Secret of the Inner-Swing, Peter's book has gone thru quite an evolution and refinement. It now has a new title, a different much more tightly focused message and text, two new chapters, great new photos and is presented to be an easier read for a wider market.

I'm sure you've kept up on Tiger's latest exploits Did you happen to see the pistol whipping he gave Vijay Singh at the Duetsche Bank Classic? He now on quite a roll, his 5 victories in a row... and many believe he is playing the best golf of his life. Of course, I predicted this right after Earl's passing - understanding that all that Earl was Tiger has inherited in full measure. He is not a boy or a son anymore...he is a Man, "The Man" and is spiritually fully empowered.

As a result, Peter has continued to refine and more tightly focus my literary message and approach. Other than Tiger, Peter is the only golf pro personally trained by Earl. Earl & Tida are the ones who advised Peter to move to
Thailand in 1992. Peter was fortunate to meet Earl & Tiger years ago, when Tiger was just a teen, and not an untouchable, unreachable "protected person'.

In years past Peter was lucky to bond with Earl as a mentor, second father, and be able to play golf with him, travel together, talk for countless hours on the phone and in person, and gain unique and valuable insights into his background, how he trained Tiger and also into Tiger.

Over the years, Peter asked Earl questions from what he said was "an entirely different angle than any other writer." He learned Earl was not only an elite Green Beret Special Forces commando, but a modern day Ninja who survived 2 tours of combat, trained and commanded over 3,000 Green Beret', and acquired astonishing martial arts skills.

Earl told him that he first discovered the Inner-Swing the same way I did, by intuitively fusing baseball and martial skills with golf. In his prime, Earl was great golfer. A superb physical specimen who moved fast and hit hard, Earl transposed his martial art skills into his golf game; played strategically; fearlessly; achieved a 1-handicap; hit it a long way; had a great
short game; and was a wizard with trouble shots.

Tiger modeled Earl's swing, dynamic martial fitness, lightening speed, internal strength, explosive striking skills, balance, agility, and vitality. While Tiger inherited Earl's intelligence and creative genius, Earl's Green Beret based training methods cultivated Tiger's mental strength, couragous fighting spirit and physique, it instilled an appreciation and respect for martial traditions, culture, philosophy, strategy, and tactics.

So, I've more tightly focused the content of my book to highlight Earl's contribution as Tiger's first teacher and role model - the one who TIger emulated for his swing, and in the way he trains, practices and plays.

This is reflected in the cover and table of contents in the below pdf's

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