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2007 ASM @ Jakarta
Sponsor's Branding & PR Opportunities

06 December 2006

The Asian Seniors Tour wish to encourage corporations and individuals to
kindly support and participate in the planned
2007 Asian Senior Masters - Jakarta.

A few examples of T-Box branding, networking and photo opportunities
are as follows;

AIG S.E.A.'s T-Box with welcome message to their corporate guests

VIP Table at the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort cocktail reception.

To view more images from the 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort cocktail reception Click Here

VIP Pro-Am Flight

Senior Pro Stewart Ginn, AIG S.E.A. Les Mouat & Rudi Spaan and guest Charlie Lim
(from left to right) during their 2005 ASM @ Palm Resort Pro-Am.

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8toInfinity - Sponsoring the Asian Senior Masters

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